Robear’s List Integrates New Technology with Yesteryear Micro Businesses to Energize Local Community Loyalty & Stimulate Local Charity Support. Plus, Leveling the Playing Field and Fueled by Micro Financial Services.

Robear's List - Local Business Growth

Local Business Growth

Infinitesimal, Tiny and Little Businesses are the Backbone of Large and Small Economies Worldwide and Possess the Inherent Keys to Success Unmatched by SMEs, Chains, Franchises & Big Biz

Robear's List - Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology

New Tech Radically Lowers Costs and Produces Higher Efficiencies, Wreaking Havoc on Old Biz. Properly Deployed by Business Peasants/Ninjas the Playing Field is Leveraged & Leveled.

Robear's List - Local Charities Support

Local Charities Support

Community Involvement is Powerful and Impactful When Delivered Automatically and Painlessly. Higher Quality & Lower Prices Will Incentivize & Energize – Producing True Loyalty

Robear’s List

Robear’s mission is to simply to resurrect yesteryear businesses with tomorrow’s technology creating socially responsible and environmentally friendly enterprises. Not only reflecting local values and reinforcing personal loyalty, Robear’s List endeavors to disrupt market power with market prowess.

Robear’s goal is also to harness the 100101 in big business processes and reduce the impersonal SSN/DOB in community-based businesses.

Robear’s, as administrator, brings banking, lending, funding, and giving, down to the micro level, devoid of any stigma. On a lofty level, the advancement of “best practices” and the elimination of “unfair practices” worldwide.

Robear's List

We Need Your Help …

Robear’s List is in the Formulative Stage, Open to Feedback and/or Support (Angel Investing or Personal Donations) Prior to a Projected 2021 Launch. More Details on Pending Patents will be Provided via this Website and/or our Emailed Updates.


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